The day of the excursions


Spring period is one of our favorites. The whole Val d’Orcia is like a green sea. Nature gives us the beautiful sunny days and fantastic scent of flowers. These are perfect days for an excursion! Around Monticchiello you will find many paths for trekking, even you can walk on the white roads to nearby towns such as Pienza or Montepulciano.

From our house you can watch beautiful sunsets in the Val d’Orcia.


This trip is open to teens and adults in seasoned hiking condition who can handle between 6-10 miles of hiking a day at a steady, but relaxing pace which will give you time to enjoy the scenery, take pictures, relax at specific stopping points, and get to know the others in our group.

Are you all getting out for a few winter hikes? If not, you should. The Tuscany landscape look completely different in winter.